I am passionate about sharing art as a method of self-transformation and community healing.


Documentation of Story of the Farm (2009), in which I constructed, cultivated, and tended a cardboard farm as a live, day-long performance in an urban setting.


My art practice stretches back to childhood; from a young age, I have wanted to "be an artist." After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2009, I have participated in artist residency programs, group shows, solo exhibitions, and public art installations, and have curated art exhibitions and events in collaboration with art collectives, galleries, and other organizations.

My artwork functions as a generative means of navigating and reflecting upon my personal experiences of cultural, environmental, and social systems. I enjoy working with fibers and textiles, film and video, photography, 2D and 3D collage, found object sculpture, woodworking, ceramics, and experimental performance.

Collage from a series titled that's my boundary! (2015), made in response to my work at a children's inpatient psychiatric hospital.


I discovered art therapy in 2013. After several years of exploring and building a community based arts practice, I began seeking ways of furthering accountability and implementing ethical measures for inclusion and collaboration within community art endeavors. I saw that the field of art therapy provided frameworks that could guide ventures in social justice. I completed my Master of Arts in Art Therapy degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, and moved to Durham shortly after. I currently serve as Chairperson of the American Art Therapy Association Social Justice Interest Group, and Chairperson of the North Carolina Art Therapy Association Technology Committee. Previously, I have been a member of the Illinois Art Therapy Association and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Student Art Therapy Association.